Sometimes I just love my life

Last weekend Wendy, Em and I partied at the Shrine with Ferry Corsten. It was one of the best nights EVER. I'm not sure if I've ever danced that much. The vibe was great. I had the best time.
Then there's work... work... and MORE work. Can't complain about an actual full time job. Especially when I'm getting more responsibility and showing I'm legit and know what I'm doing.
Last night we spent at the Vanguard. We went to see Sander van Doorn, who I've fallen even more in love with after that night. The guys before him, Second Sun, tore the place apart, their energy and set blew my mind... Very quickly became a new favorite of mine. I'm not sure if I've ever had that amazing of a time there.
2 weekends, 2 amazing shows.
Can only get better by... SEEING ARMIN MAY 17TH! I need my Armin fix BAD! How I miss him.
Maybe Tiesto in June too... Yay!

It's so nice to just let go.
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So far... so good

Work is so far so good. Working ALOT, but that's what I wanted.
Although I had the WORST day yesterday:
Dropped an egg
Dropped about 5 other things
Smashed 1 finger on each hand
Dumped ice out of my cup at dinner
Wore some of my dinner
Hit trash cans while I parked my car
Poked myself in the eye hardcore
It was bad... and I even went to the gym, but survived that. Not sure how... but I did.
Thank the Goddess I have 2 days off... need to recover.

There's also a boy... can't quite read him, but we will see what else develops.
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Sometimes I just get thrown for a loop... and not in the way I want to be.
Just when everything works out
I have things figured out
When I'm actually happy
I get shot down, back into this reality where my life is nothing but a giant let down. 
Appreciated but still walked on
Taken for granted
This week I'm really going to take sometime to recenter and find myself... because I'm lost again.
Happens I guess... so I'll hang out in my dark time and lay low. Keep to myself until I'm stable enough to emerge.
I have to remember that my life is awesome... because there's only a few things keeping me alive right now.
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So it's only Tuesday...

And my week is already full of totally RANDOM shit.
Yesterday I get a text from someone I figured would just delete my number when I turned around... hmm mmm... Mr. Hot stuff from Thanksgiving... it wasn't for me... but I figure... well hot damn he still has my number ;). Tripped me out, TOTALLY wasn't expecting that. I saw it was him and was like holy shit... I don't even care if the text wasn't meant for me HA!
Today... my phone rings... and it's an old number that I haven't seen in forever. So I answer and spend an hour on the phone with Matt... Even talked to his mom, it was actually a really fun conversation, complete with some reminiscing. I would have went over to see him if he brought his BMW Ha! I'm to the point where I can be his friend, part of me will never forgive or forget what he did to me, and I must admit part of me still cares, but I can be civil and a friend, especially after all we've been through and since I have respect for what he's doing for my country in the Army.

I LOVE the randomness that is my life...

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Update... for lack of a better term...

I'm really, REALLY enjoying the thought of being a student. I have an 8 CD Dr. Weil's Guide to Optimum Health... I'm going on the 5th CD. And that's only the first step of a 12 class program. I think I'm so excited to do this because I'm finally getting somewhere. I'm excited because all the classes are about things I know and want to know more about. It's nice to think that I'm a professional. I'm having fun... and that's what life is all about. Doors will open.
I'm really enjoying myself too. Making alot of new friends, going out and seeing alot of new things. Letting go, finally finding myself, not afraid to show people who that is. Growing, changing, evolving. 2008 is proving to be pretty big.
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$113 dollars later

I applied for my passport... another step in the Italy stage of my life. And on the way home... I was behind a semi truck that had ITALIA plastered all over it... talk about irony. I'm taking it as a sign =).


What an existence...

I just spent this last week in a whirlwind it feels.
New Years Eve was liberating, Tiesto was mind-blowing. Something clicked that night, and this year is going to be my best yet.
I got the privilege to see Wicked because Emily and Wendy's Dad didn't want to go, so they invited me. There aren't words to explain how amazing that play was. It was my first live musical and I almost cried.
Rounding out the week was a trip to the Vanguard to see ATB, one of my favorite DJs to see live and I haven't seen him in a long time.
There's a boy... yes I know... but with some balls and the help of a friend, we've exchanged numbers and are becoming friends. He works at the local watering hole and I've had a crush since the first time I saw him. Has some baggage... but don't we all? He makes me so giddy smitten it's funny, and gives nice hugs <3.
I'm on a mission to lose more weight before Italy... so more will power and self discipline to reach my goal.
Life is good, and it just keeps getting so much better. I thought 2007 was going to bring a new Rebecca... seems like that was only the beginning.
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Now that's a first...

Hanging out on MySpace, saw that I got a message, thought it would be this guy that ALWAYS sends me msgs, but I finally blew off not 5 minutes before...
Instead it's this girl... who complimented my look, was very nice to me... and also said she likes to live as a girl... I just made a friend with a transvestite... now that's a first.
I'm always up for making new friends =).
She's talking about coming to LA, shopping at MAC, then clubbing and finding some boys... I love it...

Another first that's happened in this whirlwind year...

New Years Eve is going to be the shit... finally have a bunch of people going... I'm so excited.

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Slowly figuring things out

I'm still in the process of figuring out which educational path I want to go. I'm thinking get my bachelors in Natural Health (hey... the boss lady is paying, can't pass that up) to open up alot of options in the Natural industry that I'm very passionate about. I also know that I'm meant to be an artist, I love taking pictures too much to deny that. So why not do both? Aim high right?
Ever since Joe has been gone it's like I'm a new person. Rebecca's been reborn. New motivation, and a reason to be motivated... myself. I almost feel bad for thinking that, but I felt so smothered by him, and now I'm free... I'm myself again. It's liberating.
The last few weeks have thrown me for a loop. I've met so many new people and made new friends. I'm totally smitten over one and he actually remembered me from the week before when we partied the day before Thanksgiving... score for me... Check my Thanksgiving pics on myspace... there's one of just me n him... Mmm hmm hello gorgeous! He's one of those one's that knows he's hot though... who cares, I made a friend ;). I'm worth remembering =).
I thank the Goddess everyday for the people put in and are already in my path. I love being kept on my toes, having things happen that blow my mind. Jen and I were talking and I told her life is finally good, and I finally really thought about why it is. Because I've learned to be thankful, for what I have, and for the options I have. I'm not married, but so what, when he comes he comes. I don't really have a career, but I have a steady job and I'm working on something more... I could have no job and no options to move up in the world. I seriously have THE greatest friends on the planet, and I think that helps. Nonetheless... Life is good =)
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Such is life

Life has a way of throwing me for a loop.
There's a GORGEOUS trainer at the gym (haha... yeah I know... again) who goes to Schooners on Thursday nights. I knew he had a GF but she wasn't there last night... so when I finally get enough (liquid) courage to talk to him, I even had a "I think you work at the gym" line... he's leaving to get her. Damn! I'm keepin my eye on him though... I'm after him, once she's gone... haha.
So I meet some 22 year old Air Force boy who's REALLY cute... but one of those I doubt I'll hear from again. Meh...
AND I get letters from Joe... all the shit I want/need to hear, but still can't believe. It always sounded too good to be true. I was ok until all that... blah! I hate how he can do that. But I'm continuing to stay strong because I'm too old to wait around. I can't keep sticking around, I've been pushed too far. As much as I'd like to believe he's already changing... I just can't believe it... Oi...
Life is interesting.
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